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$9.95 Special Signup Offer with 36GB or 18GB Data

Rollover Your Unuse Data

NO limit on calls and TXT, NO fix term contract, NO wastage on unused data.

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Don't miss out this fantastic deal that save the whole family. Don't pay more for the same network and services. And never worry about running out of data or paying big phone bill again.



Save & rollover unused data

Powered by Optus 4G Plus Network

Our customers say

"Simple and easy, we have save so much money on mobile services and receive the same if not more inclusions"

Pamela Aguilar

15 SEP 2017, 19:48

"This SIM plan is perfect for me and my boyfriend. We use a lot of data and used to be on $70 a month for a similar service"

Grace Cole

14 FEB 2018, 14:12

"I got this plan for my 12 year old daughter who just got into high school with pocket change to keep her safe. It is so good and I am on it now as well."

Betty Rivera

21 MAR 2019, 09:33

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What is the network coverage like?

At E.Tel, we understand mobile service needs to be mobile. That means coverage is important to the user experience. that is why we team up with Optus, the winner of P3 connect Mobile Benchmark test 2017 to bring you the super fast 4G Plus network without the price tag.

Optus Mobile Network reaches 98.5% of the Australian population and is currently the leading network in Canberra and Melbourne, and the super fast 4G plus network is available in all capital cities and more than 700 regional towns. With $1 Billion investment spent in the last year on improve and expand the regional mobile coverage,

How long will I need to stay with my plan?

Unlike the major network service provider who try to tie you up with longer and longer contracts, we at E.Tel believe you deserve the best for the money you spent.

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How does the Data Rollover works?

Your internet data is charged per KB. Your unused internet data can be rolled over an unlimited number of times to the next consecutive billing period as long as you are on this plan up to a Maximum of 30GB. Your accumulated rollover data will be forfeited if you downgrade your plan or change to a plan other than a Data rollover Plan or if your have not paid/fail to pay for your next period before your current period ends. A Direct Debit can be setup to ensure your data always rolls over.


Can I upgrade my plan to get more data?

Yes, you can change your rollover plan to suit your need at anytime. Downgrade the plan if you don't need all the data or upgrade your plan to receive more data to use. When you upgrade a Data Rollover plan to higher amount, your existing accumulated rollover data carries over to your new plan.