3SIXT NeoMount



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:Hold a device securely safely and out of the way with the 3SIXT NeoMount. Attach the supplied magnetic plate or 3M adhesive magnet plate to a device or case then secure NeoMount to a vehicles windscreen. Place the back of the device on centre of mount for a strong secure mount solution. The high-powered rare-earth (neodymium) magnets are safe and will not damage the device.|Compatibility:The 3SIXT NeoCase is officially the one when it comes to smartphone cases. Use the inner shell for everyday protection or for quick and easy in-car use. The inbuilt magnet can mount a device in a car using the 3SIXT NeoMount. The wallet part of NeoCase made of premium leather is the perfect alternative to a regular wallet. It combines cash cards (up to 3) and a device in ONE handy case.|

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