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The iBaby Monitor M2S Plus is a fully loaded baby monitoring system in a compact design. With the iBaby Care App you can play care and rock out with your little one from anywhere in the world!|Features:Smart Sensors and Alerts When sound or motion sensors are activated the iBaby Monitor M2S Plus will send mobile alerts record videos or take photos so youll see exactly what happened.||Access Anywhere You can access the monitor from anywhere. The Wi-Fi enabled monitor allows you to access the monitor using any smart device. Then simply switch to your 4G/LTE network when youre on the go!||Listen Talk & Play Music Two-way audio will allow you to talk to your baby when youre away. Play from a full collection of pre-loaded sounds and lullabies. You can even connect your own music library!||Temp and Humidity Sensors Keep your baby comfortable with the iBaby Monitor M2S Plus temperature and humidity sensors. Get reports right on your smartphone!||1080p Video w/ Night Vision Does your baby have night owl tendencies iBaby Monitor M2S Plus night vision and 1080p resolution with zoom allow you to see your baby even when the lights go out.|Feature #6:Unlimited Users & Monitors Invite an unlimited number of users to access the iBaby Monitor M2S Plus device. Easily share every precious moment with the whole family!|

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