Incipio DualPro forÿSamsung GS9+ -ÿBlack


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Your Samsung Galaxy S9+ is loaded with addicting features so its almost always in your hands. And the more you use it the higher the chance youll experience those inevitable scary momentsthe fumble out of a pocket or a slippery gripwhen your Galaxy S9+ is headed for impact. Lessen the risk of disaster (and heartache) with our DualPro© case. We took the standard case design up several notches with two layers of military-grade protection that will help your phone survive up to 10-foot drops. Dont worry; two layers doesnt mean bulkywe also made sure the DualPro© is attractively slim.|


- 2x layers of defense provides military-grade drop protection - Layer 1: Scratch-resistant rigid polycarbonate outer shell - Layer 2: Shock-absorbing inner core protects from bumps and drops - 10-foot drop-tested protection Weight: 0.4 lbs Drop Height: 10 ft Wireless Charging Compatible: Yes|

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