Griffin Survivor Glass for iPh Xs Max (6.5") - 25 Pack



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Pictures look brighter and videos look crisper when your iPhone Xs Max screen is clean and scratch-free. Keep it that way with Survivor Glass the only screen protector tested and proven enough to be called Survivor. Hardened Defenses: We use only high-clarity ultra-hard tempered glass to protect your phone's screen. Survivor Glass is 9H scratch-resistance tested so it can stand up to keys tabletops sand and other abrasive elements. At just .5-mm thin Survivor Glass goes on easy and practically disappears so it works with most open-faced cases. Lab-Tested Real-World Proven: Survivor Glass undergoes a variety of trials to make sure it will perform when the going gets rough. Impact-hammer testing simulates the impact of a 4-ounce steel ball to your screen - Survivor shrugs it off. And industrial carbide-tipped drill bit testing can't scratch Survivor Glass so you know your iPhone Xs Max's screen is safe.|:Out on the Edge: Survivor Glass is kiln-finished for complete edge-to-edge screen protection. Intense heat forms the curved sides to match the screen of your iPhone Xs Max while gently rounding the cut glass edges. This finishing step brings increased structural integrity to the screen protector and prevents edge cracking. Shine On: Micro-polishing brings Survivor Glass to a mirror finish that never gets in the way of your iPhone Xs Max's touchscreen so your movies and pictures look great. A micro-thin anti-oil coating keeps fingerprints and oils from spoiling the view. We Brought In Reinforcements: Survivor Glass's edges are reinforced to prevent micro-cracks that occur from everyday use. Even though you can't see those micro-cracks they can compromise the integrity of the glass itself and lead to early failure. Survivor Glass's reinforced edges help keep your screen safe and intact for longer.|Features & Specs:- .5 mm-thin tempered glass - 9H scratch-resistance stands up to scratches and abrasions - Oil-resistant anti-fingerprint coating keeps your screen and everything on it clean and bright - Compatible with most phone cases - Includes 25 bulk screen protectors 25 cleaning kits and one applicator - Designed to be stored behind the counter in order to save peg space|

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