ZAGG Slim Book Go Keyboard for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen)



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Where Creativity and Productivity Intersect: Getting things done doesn't just happen between 9 and 5. The lightweight sturdy Slim Book Go keyboard helps you make the most of your iPad so you can conquer your to-do list.|


Lightweight Portable Design: We've made our keyboard lighter than ever. The sleek streamlined design fits easily in your bag so you can take the lightweight Slim Book Go keyboard and case with you wherever you go. Holder for Apple Pencil: Built-in holders for the Apple Pencil are located at the top of the keyboard and at the base of the cover . So your Apple Pencil is stored safely when its not in use and is right where you need it when inspiration strikes. Laptop-style Keys: The laptop-style keys have optimal key travel so that you get clean precise even pressure with each keystroke which facilitates fast and accurate touch typing. Backlighting is available in seven different colours so its easy to type in lowlight conditions.|:Detachable Keyboard for Multiple Uses: The Slim Book Go keyboard and case can be easily detached to accommodate different uses and work environments. The cover of the Slim Book Go with its reverse kickstand can support your tablet on one surface while you type with the keyboard on another. Multi-device Pairing: The Slim Book Go keyboard and case can pair with two devices at once so you can sync with both your iPad and your smartphone and toggle between them. Long-lasting Battery: The Slim Book Go keyboard's long-lasting battery lets you type up to one year between charges so you don't have to drag along extra cords for charging (based on regular use of one hour per day without backlight.)|Tech Specs:Device Compatibility: 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 (3rd Gen) Warranty: 1-Year InvisibleShield© Friendly: Yes Battery Life: 1 year Backlighting: Yes (7 colors) Dimensions: 11.5-in. x 9.6-in. x .8-in. Tablet Function Keys: Yes Multi Pairing: Yes Language Options Available: Yes Multi-Angle Viewing: Yes Laptop-Style Keys: Yes Detachable Case: Yes|

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