Incipio Slim Case - iPhone 12 mini - Translucent Black



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:If you're in search of a particularly trim agile shape and discreet design you've found it in Slim which gives you all of the above while still delivering top-notch protection from bumps and drops. And Slim's shape is specially contoured to fit easily your hand and slide easily into a pocket or purse. Minimal Profile / Maximum Protection that's Slim.|


- Tallest bezel in its class enhances face-protection (40% more than our competitors') on impacts with uneven surfaces. - High-tech scratch-resistant coating helps maintain a smooth surface and brand-new shine while defying the kind of discoloration associated with blue jeans lotions creams sunlight etc. - Antibacterial treatment reduces bacteria for protection against stains and odours by 99%. - Wireless charging and 5G compatible.|

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