DOME Z-Wave Mouse Zapper for home Automation (Zwave)



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Quick Overview

The DOME Z-Wave Mouse Zapper is the smart mess free way of removing rats from your home or business. Dome Smart Mouse Trap Taking care of critters in your kitchen and dining area is no pleasant task but there’s a better way to do it that won’t leave you cleaning up blood or unsticking mice from a glue strip. The Dome Home Automation Mouse Trap eliminates mice quickly and effectively. Set this smart-home mouse trap up to work with your current Z-Wave automation hub if applicable or use it without connectivity. Either way you get an efficient and mess-free pest control solution to keep rodents out of your cupboards and away from food and cooking tools. Commercial kitchens restaurants and many other types of businesses must be up to sanitation standards and it’s easier to do with the Dome Home Automation Z-Wave Smart Electronic Mouse Trap. When connected to your Z-Wave Hub you can get notifications when something’s been caught and it’s time to empty the trap. No stinker to find days or weeks later. Use with most any Z-Wave Hub including: Vera Fibaro HC2 Home Seer and more.

  • Battery powered 
  • Quick and mess free
  • Notification when a rodent is caught
  • Three second delay before zap keeps pets and children safe
  • Z-Wave Plus certified


Product Details 

The DOME Z-Wave Mouse Zapper is a Z-Wave Plus (500 series) compatible battery-powered electronic mouse trap.

This device delivers a powerful electric shock which knocks out rodents in seconds and sends you a notification through your Z-Wave network so you know when to empty it. The DOME Z-Wave Mouse Zapper is designed to be easy to maintain you can replace the bait and dispose of zapped rats without having to touch them. 

The DOME Z-Wave Mouse Zapper is perfect for businesses. Maintain sanitary standards in restaurants commercial kitchens and other businesses without the hassle of traditional traps. Set up multiple traps and only check them when something is caught.

This product is compatible with all Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus controller including:

  • Vera Edge/Plus
  • Fibaro Home Center 2/Lite

Note: This device can also be used without a Z-Wave gateway. When the trap is tripped a blinking LED will remind you to empty the trap and you can always integrate it with a Z-Wave gateway later on.

Product Support


⇒ DOME Z-Wave Mouse Zapper User Manual

⇒ Using the DOME Z-Wave Mouse Zapper with Vera

Technical Specifications

RF Protocol
Z‐Wave Plus (500 series chip)
RF Frequency
921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐wave
Z‐Wave device type
Z-Wave Multilevel sensor
4 x AA batteries (not included)
Battery Life
~2 years (50 zaps)
Operation Range
Up to 40m indoors (with no obstacles)
Indoor use only
Operation temperature
5 ~ 40 °C
Storage temperature
‐10 ~ 50 °C
216mm x 115mm x 127mm

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