E.Tel $1 per month 4G/LTE SIM Starter No Expiry Date Plan


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  • E.Tel $1 per month 4G/LTE SIM Starter No Expiry Date Plan
  • E.Tel $1 per month 4G/LTE SIM Starter No Expiry Date Plan
  • E.Tel $1 per month 4G/LTE SIM Starter No Expiry Date Plan

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(Pay as you go)


• $1 per month

• Data $0.10 / MB

• Std. national calls $0.25 / min

• SMS $0.25 / sms

• Int'l calls from $0.10 / min

$0.25 flagfall applies to all calls

Advanced Payment $50

Auto Renewal


Terms and Conditions for PAYG $50 Plan 1. PAYG$50 Plan is a SIM-only plan which requires $50 payment in advance for each service-period block. Direct Debit Required. You must have a 3G/4G enabled device to use this service. 2. Minimum charge is $50. If you paid a lower fee for the first full service-period due to a promotion, the lower fee is the minimum charge. Buy now 3. Included value does not expire. 4. A $1 monthly account maintenance fee applies to this plan which is deducted from your plan’s included value. 5. Your plan will auto-renew via your nominated direct debit account when the remaining included value balance becomes less than $10. A SMS will be sent prior the charges. If direct debit has not been setup on your account, we will make our every endeavour to notify you to renew via SMS when your remaining included-value balance is approaching the minimum of $10. Any excess usage will be brought forward to the renewed payment period. 6. Once a service-period is in use, the remaining allowance for that period is not refundable. 7. Special conditions apply to International Voice Roaming. International Data Roaming is not allowed and you must turn it off at all times or you agree to pay the cost of the carrier’s charges (at least $0.02/KB). 8. If the service has been inactive (no outgoing calls/data usage) for more than 24 months, the service number may be disconnected. In such a case, you may pay $55 to apply to get mobile number reconnected, if the number is irretrievable, the reconnection fee will be refunded. We suggest you to apply for a new number for free in this case. 9. If the service stays suspended for over 180 days and you have not contacted us for unsuspension, your number will be fully disconnected automatically. 10. You can monitor your usage at etel.com.au/account. It is your responsibility to monitor your call/data usages and work out your latest remaining allowance. You are responsible to pay for all usage originating from your SIM, including delayed transaction items. E.Tel will make its every endeavour to retrieve your call data from our network provider for your reference, which may have a delay of up to 48 hours, or more for international calls and international roaming etc. Any abnormally delayed or un-billed usages will still be billed as part of your current service-period. 11. Specific bill printing handling fee of $8 per bill up 25 pages per application. SIM card replacement handling fee of $15 applies under all circumstances. Table for pricing on other services at www.etel.com.au/policies. 12. All prices listed are GST inclusive and are subject to change. This plan is subject to modification, withdrawal or supplement if necessary. Please regularly visit our website www.etel.com.au for up-to-date call rates, terms, conditions and relevant amendments, or call 1300 383 588. 13. Change Plan: Your un-used value can be transferred (except the sum of any given bonus credit) to your new account. Please contact our customer support for the change. 14. Termination Policy: A written notice or online cancellation request is required to terminate your plan (disconnect or port out). If you requested to disconnect, the service should cease by the end of the current billing cycle. Porting procedure could vary depending on the gaining service provider's requirements. Any excess usage charges should be made immediately upon issue of the final bill. 15. Porting Policy: If you applied for a new number from E.Tel, a port out handling fee of $20 applies if you request to port out your service to another service provider within 6 months of use. This fee does NOT apply if you disconnect your number. 16. This plan is subject to modification, withdrawal, supplement or amendments and is subject to E.Tel’s Fair Use Policy, Plan Terms and Conditions and E.Tel's General Terms and Conditions

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