EFM Cayman D3O Crystalex Case Armour For iPhone X/Xs (5.8")-Mulberry / Gold



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EFM CAYMAN CASE ARMOUR with all new Crystalex D30 impact protection material. A Brand new formula, crystal clear yet with the same industry leading impact performance is the slimmest, lightest, toughest case in the range. The multi-layered impact dispersion structure combines a UV resistant PC back plate with all new Crystalex D3O impact protection material. All custom designed for perfect form fit, whilst still maintaining maximum lifestyle appeal. EFM CAYMAN CASE ARMOUR also features stylish aluminium design accents, a reinforced flash ring to prevent camera lens damage. Also, featuring stadium screen edge protection, to assist in shielding your device in the event of a flat drop ...


  • Apple iPhone Xs
  • Apple iPhone X
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