EFM Monaco Wallet D3O Case Armour with 5G Signal Plus For Galaxy S20 (6.2)-Black / Space Grey



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The EFM Monaco 5G Wallet Case Armour features an improved flip cover with recessed card slots to reduce bulkiness and keep items securely in place. Integrated with revolutionary D3O impact protection material in the shell to provide superior impact resistance, it exceeds the Military Grade drop test standard by 5 times. Featuring new D3O 5G Signal Plus technology, it is the only material meeting the 5G industry benchmark and limiting signal loss by 37 percent vs. the nearest competitor. The EFM Monaco 5G Wallet Case is designed with 5G capability in mind. For slim but tough device protection that is also practical, the EFM Monaco Wallet Case Armour is the tried and tested solution to help you power through your day.


  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (6.2)
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