EFM Dual USB Rapid Charge Wall Charger 3.4A With Micro-USB Cable-Black



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Get faster, more efficient charging on the go with the EFM Dual Wall Charger with Flipper USB to Micro USB Cable. This wall charger features Device Sensing Technology (DST) to provide the fastest, most efficient charging rate possible. The charger automatically determines the power requirements of your device from overcharging, prolonging the life of the battery and the device itself. This wall charger allows you to charge multiple devices via its 2 USB ports. The red USB port, delivers up to 2.4A ensuring faster charger. Also, equipped with a 1A charge port, this lower charge rate offers longer cycle life for your device’s battery. Being one of the smallest chargers in it’s power class, safety has not been compromised. This wall charger is fully certified to Australian safety standards and also exceeds a MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) Performance Mark 5 for high efficiency levels. The charger conveniently includes 1x Flipper USB to Micro USB Cable which will power Android devices.


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
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