Ericsson W35 Marine Pack 900/2100 3G/GSM - Voice & Internet on your Boat



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Voice & Internet on your Boat!

High Speed Internet

Downloading weather maps, booking a marina berth or searching for a good restaurant at your next stop is made easier and is much more price friendly with an Ericsson W35 Fixed Wireless Terminal. The Ericsson W35 operates on the 3G/GSM network, and is capable of reaching data speeds of up to 7.2mbps making it faster than standard broadband connections. Connection to your computer is via the W35’s 4 port network hub or wirelessly via a WiFi link.

High Quality Voice

The Ericsson W35 operates over the 3G cellular network but has a telephone socket for connecting a landline telephone handset. Call quality is identical to that of a landline and cordless telephones can be used for wireless roaming around the boat.

Note: LIMITED STOCK REMAINING – PRICE SHOWN INCLUDES 30% DISCOUNT.  Units are near new, packaging and parts maybe used, still come with 12 month warranty and fully tested.


Optus & Vodafone 3G/GSM (for Telstra please see Robustel R2000 ENT LTE / 4GX Router Marine Pack


  • Ericsson W35 – Marine and remote communication is made easy with the Ericsson W35. If accessing the Internet via a landline connection is not possible or convenient, the W35 can operate using the mobile networks to access the Internet. Using the cell network to access the Internet is more cost efficient than using satellite. Most times it can be one fifth of the price of satellite. Connecting the W35 to your computer is via the W35’s four port router or using Wifi for wireless connectivity.
  • Blackhawk Marine Omni High Gain Antenna (7/10 dB)  High quality ruggedized Blackhawk Cellular antennas are the perfect accessory providing multiband coverage along with and high gain across 900 – 2100 MHz bands, includes 10m LMR240 cable.
  • 10m LMR400 Extra Low Loss Cable – LMR400 cable provides an extremely low loss for runs of up to around 50m.
  • 12V Fly Lead – Straight through power cable for connecting the W35 to a 12 volt power source.
  • Lightning Protector – Protects the W35 from lightning strikes
  • MCX-N Female Patch Lead – Patch lead that connects to W35 antenna port.

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