TCL 10 Pro (Dual SIM 4G- 6GB/128GB RAM 6.47") - Ember Gray



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  • TCL 10 Pro (Dual SIM 4G- 6GB/128GB RAM  6.47") - Ember Gray
  • TCL 10 Pro (Dual SIM 4G- 6GB/128GB RAM  6.47") - Ember Gray
  • TCL 10 Pro (Dual SIM 4G- 6GB/128GB RAM  6.47") - Ember Gray

TCL 10 Pro (6GB/128GB 6.47'') - Ember Gray

  • Absolute visual power
    Enhance your viewing in every way with TCL 10 Pro's NXTVISION technology. Colour clarity and contrast become brilliant with visual enhancement. Video is at its richest and most realistic with HDR enhancement. Create stunning photos with a 64MP quad-camera system and AI algorithm that automatically adjusts exposure and colour for effortlessly perfect shots.
  • Elevated viewing experience
    Appreciate image and video quality at the highest level with a 6.47-inch FHD+ NXTVISION curved AMOLED display.
  • NXTVISION curved AMOLED display
    TCL 10 Pro brings you into a world of intense colour and contrast. The curved AMOLED spans to every edge for a display so smooth it melts away leaving only you and the experience. An in-display fingerprint sensor provides immediate accessibility and a smooth profile.
  • Dedicated display engine
    See opulent colour clarity and contrast enhancement in real time powered by an independent display engine with advanced image processing. HDR enhancement provides remastered video with richer shades brighter whites and deeper blacks for quality viewing no matter the source.
  • Netflix HDR10 certification
    View HDR10 video in striking contrast and colour with TCL 10 Pro's Netflix-certified display.
  • Versatile capturing
    Enjoy powerful versatility with a NXTVISION 64MP AI quad-camera system capable of capturing all your moments of greatness. Save every detail with a 64MP Ultra High-Resolution Camera. Record vivid action even at night with a 2.9μm Low-Light Camera for super low-light video. Take in epically large scenes with a Super Wide-Angle Camera or phenomenally detailed close-ups with a Macro Camera.
  • 64MP Ultra high-res camera
    Capture every detail with an Ultra High-Resolution 64MP Camera for truly great images.
  • Brighter photos super night mode + hybrid auto focus
    Be unlimited in your shooting of excellent images day or night. Take photos three times brighter using auto low-light and get greater detail in the dark with Super Night. Obtain instant clarity at any time with day and night hybrid auto focus.
  • Unlimited potential
    Make life smooth with TCL 10 Pro's powerful processing and functionality that supports you whether you're accomplishing in the office or out living life to the fullest.


  • Model: T799H-2AIZAU12
  • Camera: 64 MP (Primary) 16 MP (Primary) 5.0 MP (Primary) 2.0 MP (Primary) 24 MP (Secondary)
  • Screen: 6.47 inches 1080 x 2340 pixels
  • Storage: 128GB
  • SIM: Dual SIM 4G/4G
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