Mophie iPhone 5/5s Juice Pack Air Battery Case - Black



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  • Mophie iPhone 5/5s Juice Pack Air Battery Case - Black
  • Mophie iPhone 5/5s Juice Pack Air Battery Case - Black

The Mophie Juice Pack Air case pack power and style
Engineered with edge-to-edge protection and outfitted with 1700mAh - 100% more battery life, the Juice Pack Air allows you to truly do more with your iPhone 5s. Its elegant, thin design makes it the perfect accessory, easily fitting into any pocket or handbag. The enhanced forward - ported acoustics redirects the iPhone audio towards you, optimising playback and maximising your experience.

Double your talk-time and internet use
With 1,700mAh extra power you can surf the net, watch videos and talk for longer with the Mophie Juice Pack Air. Delivering more than 100% extra battery life, the juice Pack Air will keep your iPhone 5s going for as long as you need it.

Power meets protection
The Juice Pack Air is the perfect balance of extra battery power and durable protection from whatever you find yourself getting into. Bring a dead iPhone 5s battery back to life while having enough leftover for when you're still on the move. Surrounding the case is a dual texture, rubberised, shock-resistant band that is still easy to slide in and out of your pocket without sacrificing protection.

4 light LED battery status indicator
Never be left wondering how much power you have left with the Juice Pack Air. On the bottom of the base sit 4 LEDs which at the push of a button indicate the remaining battery life, as well as displaying how much remains in the charging process.

Specialists in battery cases
With years of R&D, nine generations of battery cases for iOS and Android devices and thousands of engineering hours, Mophie have risen to the top of their field and their research has resulted in the highest battery density, most efficient power management and best looking products available on the market today.

Charging made easy
Simultaneously charge your Apple iPhone 6 and Juice Pack Air together with the included Micro USB USB cable. Use the LED indicator to check battery levels before you head out and flip the standby switch when you're ready to use Juice Pack's battery or when you need to recharge your iPhone while on-the-go. Pass-through charging via the lighting port means you'll never have to remove your Juice Pack Air to charge or sync your iPhone 5s. The integrated LED status indicator keeps you posted on charging status and lets you know how much juice remains in the case.

Charge anywhere at the flip of a swithc
Built into the Mophie Juice Pack Air is an intuitive switch which allows you to choose when and how long you want to charge for. So you can control your power easily, saving that extra burst for whenever you need it.

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