Muvit Black Slim Flip case for iPhone 6



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  • Muvit Black Slim Flip case for iPhone 6
  • Muvit Black Slim Flip case for iPhone 6

What makes it special

  • Cover specially designed for your smartphone
  • Perfect Finish
  • Function Support
  • Fits perfectly
  • Prestigious brand speciallist accessories

If you're the first to enjoy your new smartphone, you can not miss this case specially designed for your device. It is made of high quality materials, something that is noticeable on the edges and finishes estea case. In addition, it fits perfectly and frees all access and ports.

Now you can portege throughout your smartphone moment, both the back and the front. It is very comfortable to use thanks to his book format and also can be placed so that it becomes support so you can use your smartphone comfortably when watching videos, pictures ... also has the guarantee of a recognized brand in the market for mobile accessories.

If you want to protect your smartphone without sacrificing the most functional design, this case is perfect for you. Furthermore, it is perfect if you carry your phone in the pocket or in a bag that prevents the screen from getting scratched.

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