Strike Alpha in-car Cradle for iPad Air 2 9.7" DIY Kit



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Strike Alpha Cradle for iPad Air 2 9.7"! Secure charging antenna connection and pass through connector included. The connector cable used in this cradle is an authorised MADE FOR IPHONE Apple lightning cable.


  • Plug'N Play - The cradle can be integrated to another device without any hassle. With its unique pass through feature the cradle can be linked to any bluetooth car kit system entertainment system or even personal computers.
  • Integrate seamlessly - It carefully protects and boosts the signal of your iPad Air while you enjoy prolonged usage since your iPad Air is also charging while inside the cradle.
  • It can hold your iPhone ensuring that it is protected while at the same time it is being charged to make sure your iPhone is always on the go.
  • The cradle features a 12/24 volt charging system with voltage spike protection. An added safety feature not available to any other ordinary cradle.
  • The cradle also offers fast charging system. A better way to maximize the functionality of your iPad while you drive.
  • Designed to ensure the iPad Air is perfectly integrated with the passive antenna connection. Thus providing superior signal boosting performance not an ordinary cradle can offer in the market today.
  • The internal passive antenna booster is specifically designed to fit Australian networks including Telstra Next G and all 4G networks. The package comes with FME male for external antenna connection.
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    Package Contents:

  • Strike Alpha Car Cradle Cell Phone Holder
  • Windscreen mount
  • Cigarette lighter power supply
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