Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extra Battery Kit



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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extra Battery Kit


Make up for Short battery life

If your phone is running low on battery, simply swap out your dead battery for your new one. Go from 0% power to 100% power in seconds. The Spare Battery Charging System is great when your battery is low but you need to continue using your compatible Samsung device and don't want to be attached to a wall outlet. 

Compatible smartphone is sold separately.


Stores and Protects Spare Battery

This Samsung phone accessory is made with portability in mind and doubles as a durable protective case so your charged battery will be there for you when you need it. The case is compact and can slip into a small purse or bag.


Easy to Use

Charging your spare battery is a breeze, simply slip the battery in to the storage compartment and plug in your charging cable, the size of this charger makes it easy to charge at home or on the go.



  • white

General Feature


  • USB 3.0 Socket

Packaging Contents

  • Battery + BTC

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