Access Management System with temperature, face mask check and people counting



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  • Access Management System with temperature, face mask check and people counting
  • Access Management System with temperature, face mask check and people counting

The intelligent guardian for your business

In the covid era, public awareness of infection precaution has arisen and demands for specialized capabilities in this area have surged. VIVOTEK Edge Computing COVID Defender, equipped with triple detection for high reliability, facemask and temperature with on-edge monitoring, is specifically designed to care for the safety of your staff and the public with a seamless shield that helps mitigate the spread of infection. VIVOTEK Edge Computing COVID Defender is also your intelligent guardian for the post-covid age where the new normal of social distancing will likely prevail.



Full Integration for Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring


VIVOTEK Edge Computing COVID Defender offers unprecedented multiple layers of protection for front line deployment: Occupancy control, facemask detection and skin surface temperature screening. Adapting to the post COVID era, all-in-one integration with low latency enables real-time monitoring at multiple facility entrances and ensures social distancing in closed spaces, helping reduce the risk of infection.


Automatic Access Management Easing Burdens for Large-Scale Operations


Large-scale businesses like shopping malls usually imply multiple stories and entrances. This solution can be deployed at every entry, saving on staff costs and easing administrative burdens by implementing automatic access control with minimal staff assistance, while causing no inconvenience for the movement of people. Monitors set at entrances display synchronized information on the number of people inside the facility. Entry will be denied when any preset condition (facemask not worn, skin temperature outside the normal range, occupancy limit reached) is met.


No-contact Defense to Mitigate Spread of Viruses


With the purpose of ensuring the welfare of personnel at the facility, the facial reader initially detects whether individuals are wearing masks and screens for signs of elevated skin temperature, all at a safe distance. This contact-free system thus reduces the likelihood of infection and curbs the spread of any virus.


Precision 3D People Counting for Intelligent Capacity Control


The gem of the solution: VIVOTEK’s stereo- counting network camera delivers over 98% accurate people counting. With an enormous database for on-edge computing, and efficiently monitoring the facility’s capacity and triggered an alarm when the preset threshold is reached, it can be installed at entrances of varying widths at any facility, making your application much more flexible.


Ideal for Diverse Applicable Scenarios


The solution offers comprehensive coverage and protection at high-traffic areas with large throughput and flawless management across up to 256 entrances. It is ideal for medium to large businesses, covering scenarios like infrastructure, industrial spaces, office buildings, retail, public transport, etc.



Proven to be very useful in settings such as Shopping malls, restaurants, transportation, office blocks, construction sites, events and exhibitions and many many more.  

System Architecture

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