Simple & Secure Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

We offer our SME clients cost effective device life-cycle management services :

  • Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Service & Repair
  • Downcycle & Recycle

Procurement – ICT solutions

Check out our wide range of products in the Mobile Devices page to keep the workforce moving forward.

Deployment – Mobility & Security

Apply the latest mobility innovations to build a comprehensive and flexible enterprise mobility solution. Monitor for malware and remove inappropriate and rogue apps. Give your people the access, apps and familiar experiences across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and BlackBerry. Stay in control when it comes to users, apps, devices, content, policies and data cost.

Mobile Device Management  

Protect and empower your connected organisation when it comes to transforming your company to mobility and the cloud. Live report on the state of devices, identity and access management and security.

Enterprise Security 

Protect your business using the latest intelligent security innovations, secure your intellectual property from threats on every front: user access, devices, apps, and virus.

Repair Services

With our extensive repair experience in all mobile phone repairs, we can provide the best professional service and cost effective recommendation to save you and your company money. We will repair anything from smartphone screen to high-level PCB damage. You can be sure your mobile phone will be repaired to the highest standard in the shortest possible time.



Downcycle & Recycle services

Phoneinc partners with local, national and global businesses in the responsible reuse and recycling of electronics mobile devices. Our environmentally sound processes and complete data destruction techniques ensure compliance with environmental and data security legislation. We can redeploy or resold refurbished phones to maximise your IT investment, or recycle parts and precious metals to be reused elsewhere.


You can find mobile handset repair parts in the Repair Parts page.