ABB Contactor 30A Z-wave remote control switch



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Quick Overview


Contactors and Overload Relays are suitable for a large variety of applications in building and in the industrial use such as motor control, heating and ventilating, air conditioning, pumping, lifting equipment, lighting, process power factor correction, etc, ...


The range comprises 4 and 5.5 kW mini-contactors, block contactors up to 560 kW (AC3), installation contractors for domestics and industrial use, bar-mounted contactors, thermal and electronics overload relays, and a wide range of add-on accessories ensuring flexibility and adaptability to customer specifications.


Product Details
 - Can be controlled by Z-Wave single and double switches.
- Can be used to provide central control of large lighting installations, such as an office building or retail building. To reduce power consumption in the contactor coils, latching contactors are used, which have two operating coils. One coil, momentarily energized, closes the power circuit contacts, which are then mechanically held closed; the second coil opens the contacts.

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