Benks AKR Shatterproof Glass Protection Film



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Benks Magic AKR shatterproof

screen protector






Applicable Products: Apple iPad Air



Brand: Benks
Category: 9H hardness
scratching resistantHDexplosion-proof and no bubbles



Material: AGC Glass



Packing Type: Kraft paper, environmental and sealed package 
Color: Transparent



4 layer protection provides Scratch preventative functionality, high transmittance for better viewing, 
Special tempering processing for 9H hardness, and tiny cracked particles for extra safety.

1st  layer: Special Coating
2nd layer: Tempered Glass
3rd layer: Shatter Proof film
4th layer: Silicon Coating




Made with imports 9H hardness glass which makes it more scratch-resistant.



High light transmittance and further screen sharpening effect.



After special fabrication processing, the surface can hold water droplets shape.



Super tempering processing with tiny cracked particles, which can prevent the screen burst.



Auxiliary accessories included.



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