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The Bury System 9 car kit is designed to securely hold and charge your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in your car, van or truck. If you already have a Bluetooth system in your car, this is the perfect enhancement for safe motoring and keeps you within current Australian road laws and keeps your Galaxy charging.

The Bury System 9 comes in two parts: a specific cradle that is made for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and a Bury System 9 Premium BasePlate.

The Bury Premium BasePlate needs to be professionally installed in your vehicle. Installation is straight-forward and fast for an accredited professional and should therefore be inexpensive.

The BasePlate connects to the battery/ignition power in your vehicle so your S6 Edge will automatically charge once placed in the System 9 cradle. It also connects to an antenna. A standard antenna is included with the Bury Premium BasePlate.

Please note: the antenna can be upgraded to either an External On-Glass antenna with 5db (this sits on the outside of your windscreen at approximately 10cms tall) or a Broomstick antenna which is usually fitted to a bonnet or bull bar and achieves 7db. Broomstick antennas are generally used in rural/regional areas where signal strength is low.

In Simple Terms:

    • If you don't already have a Bury System 9 BasePlate installed in your vehicle you will need to do this, and we can recommend an authorised installer near you and you should purchase both the Cradle and the BasePlate today.
    • With the Bury BasePlate installed, your Bury System 9 Galaxy S6 Edge cradle snaps into it
    • Your Galaxy S6 Edge can then slide into the System 9 Cradle and you are all set to go
  • You can opt for an better antenna such as 5db External On-Glass Antenna or a 7db Broomstick Antenna
  • The major benefit of this setup is that when you upgrade to your next smartphone, you simply change the cradle and the system remains in tact. It's a car kit for life!


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