Smanos SMK-500 Smoke Alarm



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This photoelectric detector is designed to give early warnings of a developing fire by sounding its built-in siren. It is recommended for corridors basements penthouses or other confined spaces.


Power Supply: DC 9V 6F22 battery x 1 Standby Current: ≤ 5uA Alarm Current: ≤ 15mA LED Frequency in Working State: Once every 32 sec. LED Frequency in Alarming State: Once every 0.62 sec. Low Battery State: Beep once with a LED flash per 60s (last for 30 days) Operation Condition: Temperature: -10�C ~ +55�C Relative humidity: ≤95% (non-condensing) Monitoring Area: 20m� Alarm Sound: 85dB/3m Radio Frequency: 868 MHz Transmitting Distance: ≤ 80m (in open air) Housing Material: ABS plastic Dimensions (L x W x H): 102 x 102 x 31 mm|

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