ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ Full Body with Bumper Case - iPhone X/Xs (5.8")


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Invisible Shield glass+ contour 360 Extreme Impact and Scratch Protection Custom Curved Full Body Fit Meticulously curved edges offer a precise smooth edge-to-edge fit ideal for curved screen with a flat Glass Flexi back. Flexi Hybrid Glass (Back) Protection Flexible Hybrid Glass that can absorb and disperse the shock of an impact before it reaches your device.|:Shatter Protection Glass+ Contour / Glass Flexi features Ion Matrix technology the most advanced impact and scratch protection available. Precision Touch and High-Definition Clarity High-grade tempered glass provides remarkable touch sensitivity and high-definition image clarity. Smudge Resistant A long-lasting oil-resistant design helps prevent fingerprints and smudges.Easy Application The patented EZ Apply tabs make applying your Glass+ Contour / Glass Flexi simple and accurate. Perimeter Protection High quality bumper case will protect the edges of your phone against accidental drops scratches and dings.|Box Includes:- InvisibleShield Glass+ Contour Screen - InvisibleShield Glass Flexi (Non Contour Back Protection) - Protective Bumper Case - Instructions - Microfiber cloth - Cleaning Wipe - Dust removal sticker|

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