ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Curve for Note 9



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Curved Impact & Scratch Protection Glass Curve is our strongest glass protection for curved screens. Smooth strong tempered glass adheres to your screen so your phone responds to every tap and swipe. Curved Protection Thats Sleek and Discreet Curves are exciting unexpected and sexy. Your phone's curved display lets you do more than ever before. Glass Curve embraces the edge with a sleek clear finish that preserves the beautiful design of your phone while the proven strength of InvisibleShield allows you to live fearlessly. Transparent Smooth and Fully Responsive Glass Curve's proprietary all-clear adhesive and meticulously designed composition protects the curves of your screen without sacrificing touch sensitivity or visibility. It feels like your phone is wearing nothing at all.|:Smudge Resistant and Easy to Clean Staying in touch means touching our screensa lot. So we designed a long-lasting oil-resistant technology to keep your screen resilient against smudges and fingerprints. Effortless and easy to clean Glass Curve helps keep your screen pristine. 100% Clarity Glass Curve is designed to work flawlessly with the enhanced optics of your devices screen. Its 100% clarity rating means high-definition screen protection thats so clear you wont even know its there. Fast Accurate and Bubble-Free We believe installation should be as simple and accurate as possible so we are constantly refining our processes with innovations like our EZ Apply® technology and advanced adhesives.|What's in the box:- Glass Curve - Instructions - Microfiber Cloth - Installation Tray - Dust Removal Sticker - Cleaning Wipe|

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