Griffin Survivor Endurance for iPhone XR -每Black/Gray



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Take the right step to ensure your iPhone XR lasts as long as you need it to with the impossibly slim protective Survivor Endurance - tested proof that bulk doesn't mean protection. No Bulk. Ultimate Protection Survivor Endurance debuts our specially developed shock-absorption material which provides more protection in an extraordinarily slim profile - proving that thin cases can withstand higher impact drops than their bulky competitors defying what is commonly known about protective cases. This exclusive shock-dampening system decreases G-force impact by 40% compared to traditional phone case materials and safeguards your iPhone XR from 10-foot drops. Clear. Slim. Lightweight. Survivor Endurance was built to be extremely thin and practically weightless so that your iPhone XR maintains its sleek profile while still being protected from harm. And the case's translucent back shows off your iPhone.|


- Lightweight ultra-slim TPU core absorbs and disperses shock to protect your iPhone against 10-foot drops - Textured covers make your phones buttons easy to detect even without looking - Slim tapered design securely and comfortably fits in your hand - Pebbled texture along the sides provide an enhanced grip to keep your phone from slipping out of your hands|

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