3sixT NeoWallet 2.0 for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro - Black



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The ultimate for the everyday. Keep your life secure with the 2-in-1 case that feels like an all-in-1. A slim-line inner case protects your phone whilst a RFID lined outer folio shields your ID cash & cards. Remove your phone whenever you need with greater versatility and snap it back in when you need everything else with you.|


- RFID Protection: RFID lining protects your bank cards safely so you can have peace of mind when on-the-go. - Built-in Cash Stash: This convenient cash stash holds your notes securely out of sight without adding unnecessary bulk to the case. - 3x Card Storage: Unassuming storage space for x3 cards + clear diving licence window. - Reinforced Card Slips: Reinforced card slips mean no matter how many times you add or remove your cards there won’tbe any significant sagging or stretching over time. - Microfiber Inner Case: A soft microfiber material lines the inside of the inner case of NeoWallet allowing your device additional padded comfort. - Vegan Leather: Crafted with luxurious eco-friendly vegan leather which is soft to touch and great to hold in hand.|:- Magnetic Clasp Closure: This handy yet subtle clasp clips into place when the case is not in use keeping all of your wallet contents safely in one place. - Full Access to Ports and Buttons: Clear and easy access to your device on/off button volume buttons speakers & charging port. - Qi Charging Compatible: Compatible with Qi wireless charging devices allowing seamless charging.|

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