3sixT PureFlex 2.0 Shimmer for iPhone 12 mini



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See-through strength with PureFlex Lightweight clean and visually stunning. The phased shimmer effect provides a unique individual look and just enough transparency to see your device architecture while the classic PureFlex™ design ensures your device is well protected.|


- Max UV Protection / Anti-Yellowing: Treated to delay and reduce yellowing when exposed to harsh sunlight for extended periods. - 3m/10ft Drop Protection: Built to withstand and protect your device from drops up to 3m/10ft. - Anti-Microbial Protection: Infused silver ions provide unbeatable antibacterial protection reducing bacteria by 99.9% in a matter of hours for the lifetime of the accessory. - Anti-Scratch: Treated to protect against scratches during everyday operation. - HexAir Cushioning: HexAir structure on the inside of the bumper provides your device with superior impact cushioning - Full Access to Ports and Buttons: Clear and easy access to your device on/off button volume buttons speakers & charging port. - Qi Charging Compatible: Compatible with Qi wireless charging devices allowing seamless charging.|

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