PanzerGlass - iPhone 12 mini -Anti Bluelight CF Black



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:-in.The PanzerGlass™ screen protector for iPhone with anti blue light glass has the same key features as the original PanzerGlass™ screen protector thus protecting your screen against scratches and shocks. As an additional feature this glass features a blue light blocking layer ensuring that your eyes are protected from the particular blue light emitted from our screens which can be hard on the eyes. This anti blue light layer helps to soften the strong light from your phone which is especially important in the darker hours before bed as the blue light can trick brain into thinking it’s daytime and disrupt your sleeping pattern. PanzerGlass™ anti blue light glass is case friendly and will appear slightly darker than the original PanzerGlass™.-in.|


- Anti blue light glass - Protects the entire screen - Crystal clear - 100% touch - Resistant to scratches - Gentle on the eyes - Shock-absorbing - Easy to install - Original PanzerGlass™|

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