Strontium SD Nitro UHS-1 U3 (Support 4K) 64GB



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Bring 4K Ultra HD Entertainment Alive with NITRO PLUS Strontium® NITRO PLUS range of SDHC/SDXC flash cards adopt the SD Associations latest specification release UHS-I U3 (Ultra High-Speed Bus Speed Class 3) which allows tremendous improvement in write speeds of at least 30MB/s to capture and playback 4K*2K high-quality video recordings seamlessly. It is widely available from 16GB to 128GB capacities.|Features:Ultra High Speed Class 3 specification UHS-1 (U3) for 4K Ultra High Definition standard with read & write transfer speed of up to 95/85MB/s*||Unparalleled in fast continuous shooting and capturing extended durations of 1080p HD video and fully support 4K*2K video recordings||Ideal for high performance D-SLRs D-SLM cameras and 4K camcorders||Built for and tested in harshest environments. Water proof temperature proof magnet proof & X-ray proof||Strontium® Lifetime Limited Warranty|

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