bOS Pro 1 User License for home Automation (Zwave)



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Quick Overview

Have you already bought bOS Pro ComfortClick Software and need extra license for it? If so you are at the right place.

Please proceed with this purchase and installed it in within bOS Pro ComfortClick.

To utilise all compatible protocols and devices you might need to source some optional adapters and interfaces such us Z-Wave USB Stick for Z-Wave protocol ModBus adapter for ModBus procol etc. There is RS232 USB interface as well to quickly add an RS232 port to a single USB port (e.g. connects DSC IT100 and ComfortClick Controllers).

Please contact us to help you with the right selection and advise.


Product Details

bOS PRO Software is product for trained and qualified installers who has KNX licence and wants to be ahead of the game.

bOS PRO Software is the first building Operating System for your home office hotel or any other commercial building. It enables you to control all devices in your smart home or building from a single app on your favorite mobile device. Start using bOS today and we guarantee you’ll be amazed by what it can do.

bOS enables smart building visualization control and automation. It is designed to integrate and automate all systems and devices in any building. ComfortClick bOS support KNX Z-Wave Modbus BACnet Amazon Alexa Gogole Assistant Samsung Smart TV LG Smart TV DSC Paradox Satel IP cameras Global Caché IRTrans Kodi Sonos Philips Hue Samsung TV and IP intercom. Our already extensive library of supported systems and devices keeps growing which makes bOS the most widely applicable solution for building automation.

 bOS Building Operating System Smart Home and Building Automation Software

Control From Your Favourite Mobile Platform or With Your Voice

No need to buy App for bOS PRO Software. There are free Client Apps on any mobile device – iOS Android and Windows for you. And you can install them on as many mobile devices as you like no limitations. You can also you use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your smart building.


Amazon and Google


Advanced Logic And Tasks

One universal platform where all devices are working together offers a limitless number of different possibilities. Decide what happens with your smart building when you leave home when you go on holidays or in the morning bOS will make it happen. You can easily manage your schedules (e.g. raise shades at 7’o clock) scenes (e.g. romantic dinner Friday party etc.) and other automation tasks via bOS Client app on your favorite mobile device.

Design Your Own Awesome GUI

bOS will give you  absolute flexibility with the design of your user interface. Choose your favorite colors use your own icons use room photos as backgrounds or the layout of your home as a canvas for your buttons. bOS Configurator is our free application for your system configuration. It makes the process of designing your GUI simple and fun. If you don’t have time to play around with the GUI you can choose your design from our extensive free library of templates icons and backgrounds.

knx visual interface

Configuration Library

We have an extensive library of various bOS configuration examples. Select your heating pump AC TV or almost any other device and import it to your smart building configuration. We also encourage all system integrators add their own examples to ComfortClick library.

⇒ Examples Library

Control Any Building

Use bOS for any project - residential or commercial (hotels schools hospital etc.). In comparison with classic electrical installations an intelligent building control system offers noticeable advantages. All the different functional subsystems within the building are integrated via a bus connection to a single communicating system. This enables the optimal energy efficient interaction of the subsystems which is almost impossible with conventional technology.

Product Support


bOS Software and manuals

Support page

Videos / Youtube:

What is ComfortClick?

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ComfortClick YouTube Presentation

Technical Specifications

Min Hardware requirements for
bOS PRO Software
2.13 GHZ quad-core Intel Celeron N3050
4 GB
Disk size:
SSD 128 GB
1xHDMI 4xUSB 1xEthernet port 1xSDXC

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