CoolMasterNet HVAC Interface for home Automation (Zwave)



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Quick Overview

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CoolMasterNet is a universal communication bridge that allows VRF/VRV heating ventilation and air conditioning systems connectivity. Furthermore the solution enables integration to centralized control systems such as home automation voice control devices and remote control mobile app.

Use CoolMasterNet and allow your customers to control their high-quality air conditioning system via a single home automation control panel. Bypass multiple protocol communication challenges with one device and save yourself a lot of time. Now you can integrate even if you have more then one HVAC brand installed. Just use CoolMasterNet and connect the compatible brands to one control panel.

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Plug and Play installation

  • CoolMasterNet bridge is easily connected to VRF/VRV outdoor-indoor communication bus.
  • Connectivity by industry standard physical layers: RS232 RS485 Ethernet and KNX
  • No setup required. For optional settings (static IP etc.) a setup utility available.
  • Autodetect of all connected HVAC units

CoolMasterNet supports all of the existing brands of VRF / VRF such as Daikin Mitsubishi Toshiba Fujitsu LG Hitachi Gree and many others.with one hardware platform

CoolMasterNet supports all major home automation systems such as Fibaro Push Control 4 Savant Lutron Elan Philips Dynalite RTI URC and many others.

Product Details

  • Seamless integration of HVAC systems with all major home automation/BMS controllers e.g. Fibaro Control4 Crestron AMX RTI Savant Vantage and others
    No delay in response when retrieving data (updated status) from the HVAC units
    All HVAC brands support e.g. Daikin Gree Hitachi LG Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi-Heavy Panasonic/Sanyo Samsung Toshiba Fujitsu and many others
    Connectivity standard physical layers: RS232 RS485 Ethernet using simple well documented ASCII protocol
    Industry standard interfaces: Modbus RTU (RS485) Modbus IP Bacnet IP Bacnet MSTP(RS485) for commercial applications
    Simultaneous multi-brand HVAC support (option)
    Touch screen display for ease of setup backup control and monitoring configuration service and indication
    Configurable I/O’s (option)
    Full control & monitoring of all connected HVAC indoor unit operation – a web app that allows remote access from Smartphone tablet and PC platforms. (
    HVAC systems diagnostics and service by technical data access locally and remotely through a web app (optional)
    Direct KNX networks connectivity
    Cloud integration by API (future development)

FIBARO HC2 Integration

 To integrate CoolMasterNet bridge with Fibaro HC2 you'll need to install Fibaro PlugIn for CoolMaster -> From the tab 'Plugins' select Climate(Tab Availible) ->CoolAutomation


C-BUS Integration

CoolMasterNet supports C-Bus Network Automation ControllerC-Bus Network Automation Controller (5500NAC). This module integrates to the CoolMasterNet controler via ethernet using Lua inside the 5500NAC/SHAC.

Please see detailed manual here 

CoolMasterNet Connectivity

CoolMasterNet SPEC1



CoolMasterNet supports the following brands:

Chigo (CG)
Daikin (DK)
Fujitsu (General) (FJ)
Gree (GR)
Haier (HR)
Hitachi (HT)
Intensity (MD)
Kentatsu (KT)
Midea (MD)
Mitsubishi Electric (ME)
Mitsubishi Heavy (MH)
Panasonic (PN)
Samsung (SM)
Sanyo (SA)
Toshiba (TO)
Trane (TR)
York (YK)

Please note: For the full list of compatible Units see this link Compatibility

Product Support

You can see interactive Demo interface here:



CoolMasterNet Brochure
CoolMasterNet Programmer Reference Manual (PRM)
CoolMasterNet Quick Installation Guide
CoolMasterNet Technical Data

Fibaro Home Center 2 and HVAC solution for VRV systems

Videos / Youtube:

Introducing CoolMasterNet – Connects Home Automation with HVAC Systems

Technical Specifications

Device type
 Data Bridge
Connection type
 RS232 RS485 Ethernet
 5V/175mA (via mini USB);
12V/120mA; 24V/70mA
 2.8" / 240 x 320 / 262K
Operation Range
Operation Humidity
 0% ~ 96% non-condensing
Operation Temperature
 -10 + 60 C0
Storage Temperature
 -10 + 70 C0
 ABS 156x109x35
 FCC CE (EN 60335-1 EN 60335-2-40)

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