DHS Z-Wave Plug-In AC power adaptor with switch



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  • DHS Z-Wave Plug-In AC power adaptor with switch
  • DHS Z-Wave Plug-In AC power adaptor with switch
  • DHS Z-Wave Plug-In AC power adaptor with switch

The DHS Z-Wave Plug-In Switch is a smart switch with power measuring function which can be plugged into an Australian certified wall socket and used to turn home appliances ON and OFF.

  • Easy to use and DIY install
  • Completely wireless
  • Control ON/OFF function remotely by Z-Wave™ certified controllers / apps
  • Can be operated manually by the button on the device
  • Measure and report the power that is consumed through the socket (connected load)
  • Australian SAA certification
  • Configuration via Z-Wave parameters: Auto switch-off, Power reporting precision, Last knows status, and more
Product Details


The DHS Z-Wave Plug-In Switch is a switch which can be plugged into any standard Australian type socket. This smart device can be used to turn your home appliances ON/OFF either manually or remotely using a certified Z-Wave™ controller. DHS Z-Wave Plug-In Switch (Plug-In Appliance Module) is for remote on/off switching of appliances, motor loads up to 1/2HP, or free-standing lights, including incandescent, magnetic low voltage, fluorescent and compact fluorescent loads.

Typical applications include switching of fluorescent lamps, portable fans, kitchen appliances, indoor fountains and more.

This device is fully configurable via Z-Wave™ parameters. E.g. you can set the max load limit at which the switch will automatically turn OFF, or you can specify the power measuring precision, or set how the switch should behave after power off - last remembered status or just OFF. More on configuration via Z-Wave™ parameters in the product manual (attached below).

Integrates with all Australian certified(921.42MHz) Z-Wave controllers including:

  • Vera Edge
  • Vera 3/Lite
  • Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Fibaro Home Center Lite
  • DHS Z-Wave Universal Remote Controller


First, ensure that the target wall socket is switched off.  The Z-wave Plug-In should be plugged directly into the wall socket and then the lamp or lighting circuit to be controlled should be plugged into the socket on the Z-Wave Plug-In. Apply power to the Z-Wave Plug-In by switching the wall socket on.

Technical Specifications


RF Protocol
RF Frequency
921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐Wave™
Z‐wave device type
Power Switch Binary, Routing Slave
Connections Type
Australian type AC socket
Operating Voltage
AC 230V / 50Hz
Max Loading
2200W / 10A
Status Indicator
Red LED light
Operation Range
Up to 30m without obstacles
Indoor use only
Operation temperature
0 ~ 50 °C
Storage temperature
‐5 ~ 65 °C
RCM, SAA Approvals SAA-152104-EA



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