Dual USB Car Charger 3.1A



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  • Dual USB Car Charger 3.1A - :) Phoneinc
  • Dual USB Car Charger 3.1A - :) Phoneinc
  • Dual USB Car Charger 3.1A - :) Phoneinc

Dual USB Car Charger

Two high powered USB sockets can charge your tablet

Designed to keep your mobile devices fully charged while commuting or during long car journeys - the Avantree Dual USB Charger for iPad and other available tablets features a fast high powered 5V/ 3.1A output, which ensures that even your tablet devices have sufficient battery life.

The upper port on the charger is designed specifically for charging the iPad, while the bottom is designed for Android tablets.

Designed to charge two devices at the same time

As well as supporting the charging of your iPad or tablet, each port can charge a smartphone or USB gadget. This means that while on the road, you can keep both your tablet and smartphone fully charged for important business meetings or simply for personal use.

3.1 Amp output for charging high power devices including iPads

When using a single port, this charger will deliver a 3.1 amp output to charge iPads and other large tablets quickly.

LED indicator shows charging status

An LED indicator on the front face of the charger will glow red to show when devices are charging and once fully charged, the LED indicator will glow green to signal that the devices are ready to be used.

Small, discreet and manufactured to a high quality

The small and discreet design means that it's easy to swap between cars and is also simple to store away.

The charger is manufactured to the highest possible quality and includes reliable over-current / over-temperature / short-circuit protection when in use

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