Edifier TWS330NB Wireless Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Earbuds



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Edifier TW330NB Wireless Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology - This 2021 new wireless earbuds adopts upgraded hybrid ANC technology. The internal and external bidirectional microphones respectively pick up the internal and external ambient noise of the ear in order to generate a reverse sound wave to cancel out the noise. This creates a new depth noise reduction of - 38dB so the external world is quietened to create an immersive listening experience

AI Phone Call Noise Cancellation- This bluetooth earphones are equipped with deep neural network call noise cancellation which accurately picks up sound waves using AI. With the help of an adaptive algorithm the voice of the caller is separated from other voices in real time bringing a high-quality call experience. Even in a noisy environment both sides of the call can be heard clearly.

Superior Sound Quality- AAC HD audio decoding provides higher quality audio transmission and excellent sound quality beautifully restoring every detail of sound.

Quick Charging and long running time - The charging case has a Type-C charge port it supports quick charging 10 minutes of charge will provide 60 minutes of listening. It features IP54 dust and waterproof good for outdoor sports.

Ambient Sound Monitoring Mode - By simply double-tapping the left earbud it can conveniently deactivate the active noise canceling feature to be able to listen for the outside sound without removing their earbuds to keep you safe and make it convenient.

-Bluetooth: 5.0

-Effective Distance: 10m

-Running Time: 4h+12h (with noise cancelling on);

5h+15h (with noise cancelling off)

-Charging Time: 1h (earphones) + 1.5h (charging case)

-Input: 5v==200mA(earbuds);5v==200mA(charging case)

-Frequency Range: 20Hz-20khZ

-Output SPL: 94�3dBspL(A)

-Rated Impedance: 24?

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