EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour - Twin-Pack For Apple Watch Series 7/8/9 (45 mm)-Clear



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The EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour for Apple Watch is a hybrid glass screen protector that offers up to 4 times more shatter resistance than an unprotected screen. Features include a 8H Hardness rating that makes this screen protector scratch-resistant, smooth and responsive finish to maintain full screen clarity and touch sensitivity, and antimicrobial properties that kill up to 99.99 percent of microbes throughout the lifetime of the product.<br><br>Along with 2D, 2.5D and 3D curve compatible construction and a black framed edge-to-edge design, the EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour is the all-in-solution when it comes to a screen protector that has it all. The Twin-pack offers twice the protection and value for one low price.


  • Apple Watch 45mm Series 7
  • Apple Watch 45mm Series 8
  • Apple Watch 45mm Series 9
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