EFM ScreenSafe Glass with D3O Screen Armour For iPhone 15-Clear



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A hybrid multi-layer screen protection that you can trust, the EFM ScreenSafe Glass Screen Armour provides extreme impact protection thanks to the D3O Impact Layer and up to 6 times more shatter resistance than an unprotected screen.<br><br>Developped in partnership with D3O, the range provides smartphones with advanced protection, optical clarity and scratch resistance whilst being ultra-thin, flexible and covers the device screen from edge to edge.<br><br>The benefits of this range also includes superior impact protection, next-level clarity, tactility, touch responsiveness, protection from 99.99 percent of bacteria, and reduction in digital eye strains from anti blue light treatments.<br><br>Innovative patented anti dust and perfect alignment installation tray in-pack to ensure you can install perfectly every time even in dusty environments.


  • Apple iPhone 15
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