EFM TT Sapphire+ Screen Armour For New Google Pixel 7 Pro - Clear-Clear



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With a scratch-resistant Sapphire coating, the EFM True Touch Sapphire Plus Screen Armour does more than just protect your device screen. With its high density, multi-layer construction and a 9H hardness from double Sapphire coating, TT Sapphire Pluss Screen Armour offers the devices screen display maximum protection edge to edge from scuffs and scratches. Also made from first-grade Japanese Asahi glass which maintains full optical clarity and touch sensitivity.<br><br>TT Sapphire Plus Glass also features an anti-grease and fingerprint coating which means you can keep your device's screen looking clean. This range is designed to be dual install, which means it's a perfect fit for the exclusive EFM True-Fit Installation Machine, but also includes an alignment tool that can be used to install the product without the True-Fit Machine. Pair it with an EFM Case Armour for a full 360-degree device protection.


  • Google Google Pixel 7 Pro
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