FAKRO Z-Wave Remote monitoring Rain Sensor



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When installed and connected to the FAKRO ZWMP Weather Module, the Weather Module can automatically send a message to a motorized Z-Wave device to close windows, awnings etc.
  • Automatically transmits rain detected to a FAKRO Weather Module
  • Fitted heating elements to prevent interference from fog, mist and other weather conditions
  • Suitable for installation in an unsheltered area

When you’re away from home, the FAKRO ZRD Rain Sensor is the perfect solution for dealing with unpredictable weather changes. When the ZRD Rain Sensor detects rainfall, it will automatically allow closing of any motorized window situated around the home. The ZRD Rain Sensor can work in conjunction with many window installation types, including skylights, awnings and much more. By having every aspect of the home regularly monitored, the system can immediately react to changes in weather.

When you install the ZRD Rain Sensor in conjunction with the FAKRO ZWMP Weather Module, all that’s required is linking up each window installation with the Weather Module in order for the devices to interact with one another.
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