Logitech Slim Combo detachable backlit keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5" or iPad Air 3rd GEN



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  • Logitech Slim Combo detachable backlit keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5" or iPad Air 3rd GEN
  • Logitech Slim Combo detachable backlit keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5" or iPad Air 3rd GEN
  • Logitech Slim Combo detachable backlit keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5" or iPad Air 3rd GEN
  • Logitech Slim Combo detachable backlit keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5" or iPad Air 3rd GEN
  • Logitech Slim Combo detachable backlit keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5" or iPad Air 3rd GEN

Logitech Slim Combo iPad Pro 10.5" case with detachable backlit keyboard for A1701/A1709

or iPad Air 3rd Gen for A2152/A2123/A2153/A2154

     How to identify your ipad/ ipad pro model? 

PRO Beyond
Slim Combo pairs with iPad Pro for the ultimate Pro experience. Four distinct modes give you unparalleled versatility, and Smart Connector pairs and powers your keyboard in one magical instant.

Four Versatile Modes
A protective cover and detachable keyboard supports 4 use modes - Typing, Viewing, FaceTime, Reading - giving you amazing versatility

All PRO. All Day. All NIGHT

Full-size backlit keys, smart iOS shortcuts and the most laptop-like typing experience on iPad Pro.

Connect Like a PRO

Batteries aren’t included, because you’ll never need them. Place your iPad Pro into Smart Connector and your keyboard instantly pairs and powers on.

PRO STYLED Perfection

360 degrees of protection in an impossibly slim keyboard and case combo for 12.9 inch and 10.5 inch iPad Pro


A full row of iOS shortcuts puts the power of iPad Pro at your fingertips:

  1. Home: Go to home screen
  2. Screen brightness: adjust screen brightness up or down
  3. Search: bring up iOS search filed
  4. Language: switch keyboard input language
  5. Backlighting: adjust brightness of keyboard backlighting
  6. Media controls: Back, Play/Pause, Forward
  7. Volume Controls: Mute, Volume up. Volume down
  8. Screen on/off-locks iPad Pro screen

Leave the Keyboard Behind
Whenever you don't need typing, detach the keyboard and enjoy your beautiful iPad Pro screen with nothing standing in the way.

All the Right Angles
There's a right angle for every situation - and it's not always 90 degrees.Two micro hinges ensure that slim Combo smoothly reclines within 50 degree range and stays in place once you'vve got that perfect setting.

Hands-free Hello
When a call comes in, simply switch Slim Combo into portrait mode for a hands-free FaceTime experience that captures less background and more of what matters.

Create, Read, and Browse
Go for a minimalst hand-held mode to sketch out an idea or just sit back and get lost in an article or e-book without distractions.


Apple Pencil brings a whole new creative experience to your iPad Pro, and Slim Combo’s Apple Pencil holder makes sure it’s always by your side. Slide your Apple Pencil into the holder– where it won’t get lost, or in the way.

Slim Combo connects to iPad Pro via physical connector, meaning you will never have to pair your keyboard again. Just click in and type away. When you are done, detach the keyboard to disconnect.

Punch out emails – or an entire novel – on a full-size keyboard with carefully-crafted well-spaced concave keys. 3 levels of adjustable backlighting keep you productive in low light.

Forget About Charging. Forever
Slim Combo has been designed specifically for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. The keyboard has no charging cable, batteries, or blinking indicator light – getting all of its power directly from iPad Pro. It uses minimum power – 0.3%-2.3% of iPad Pro battery for every hour of typing. Plus, any iOS updates are communicated directly to your keyboard via Smart Connector.


10.5 inch model

Height x Width x Depth

  • 258 mm x 184 mm x 27 mm


  • 528g

Package Contents

  • Case with detachable keyboard
  • User documentaiton

Technical SPECS

Power and charging
  • Powered directly by iPad Pro via Smart Connector - does not have batteries or charging cables

Power usage

  • iPad Pro 10.5 inch 1 hour of typing with backlighting off will use 0.4% of iPad Pro battery, with backlighting at maximum level – 2.3%


  • Full size keyboard with 19mm key pitch
  • Scissor keys mechanism with 1.5mm key travel
  • 3 adjustable levels of backligting

iOS shortcuts
Dedicated row of shortcuts (Left to Right)

  • Home - serves the same function as iPad Pro home button
  • iPad Pro Screen Brightness down
  • iPad Pro Screen Brightness up
  • Search - brings up search field
  • Language Switch
  • Keyboard backlighting brightness down
  • Keyboard backlighting brightness up
  • Media control - Previous Track / Rewind back
  • Media control - Play/Pause
  • Media control - Next Track / Rewind forward
  • Volume control: Mute
  • Volume down
  • Volume up
  • Lock - locks iPad Pro screen


  • Connects to iPad Pro directly via Smart Connector. Provides secure physical connection between the keyboard and iPad Pro
  • Does not require Bluetooth pairing
  • Automatically updates firmware, as necessary when connected to iPad Pro via Smart Connector


  • In landscape mode holds iPad Pro at any angle in within 50 degrees range: from 20 to 70 degrees
  • In portrait mode holds iPad Pro at one angle  - 73 degrees

Power management

  • Backlighting automatically turns off 8 seconds after the last key stroke
  • iPad Pro auto on/off when keyboard opened /closed

Materials and finishes

  • Outside: plastic and high performance technical fabric with PU coating for spill-resistance


  • 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty


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