RFI ITG4000 Multiband Cellular Antenna 806-890MHz / 1710-1990MHz



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RFI ITG4000 Multiband Cellular Antenna 806-890MHz/1710-1990MHz

The Quadrant™ is perhaps the most versatile cellular antenna in the world. It can be used in almost any of the existing cellular systems, will provide superior performance to externally glass mounted antennas and yet can be mounted quickly and easily inside the vehicle with no external parts.


A derivation of the Duet™ dual band product (and included in the same patent), the Quadrant™ uses the same stripline fed slot radiator technology with patch circuits used to introduce multi band performance. Being slightly larger than the dual band Duet™, the Quadrant™ has been configured to suit not only GSM900 and GSM1800 systems but also covers AMPS, TDMA and CDMA 800 systems. It also covers the GSM1900 and PCS1900 bands. This enables the Quadrant™ to be used in more than nine out of ten cellular systems anywhere on the globe.

Ship the Quadrant™ to almost any market in the world, and the antenna can be installed quickly, easily and yet deliver incredible performance. With a unique mix of vertical and horizontal polarisation (as is also shown by the cell sites themselves), the Quadrant™ will work especially well in urban and suburban areas. It even (just) out performs it’s sister, the Duet™, because of the very slightly larger footprint.

Free space field tests show the Quadrant™ exhibiting just over unity gain relative to a quarter wave at GSM900 and AMPS/TDMA/CDMA 800 Bands (i.e. 2.5 dBi) and 1.8 dB of Gain relative to a quarter wave in the GSM1800 MHz and GSM/PCS1900 MHz bands (i.e. 4dBi). When mounted on a vehicle and tested in full network drive tests (which were performed in an urban environment) it performs even better.

Mounted on a vehicle screen, the Quadrant™ is rated at –1dB over a 3 wave, but this is some 5-6 dB BETTER than even the best externally mounted glass mount antennas and more than 12dB better than using a portable phone in the car without an external antenna!

The Quadrant™ is truly a breakthrough. There is no performance trade-off. One antenna provides global cellular coverage (ideal for vehicle manufacturers or hands-free kit manufacturers) with a single item. No installation mistakes, with one antenna for every job, and a simple installation with no external parts to be fitted.

Supplied complete with mounting instructions and a preterminated low loss, fully shielded coaxial cable, the Quadrant™ can help reduce inventories, reduce installation costs, boost air time and deliver superior customer satisfaction in just about every cellular system in the world.

Notes: In order to boost radio signal the following components are required:  Antenna, antenna mount, booster and cable.  The antenna and booster must operate in the frequency band of the signal. Signal cable feeds signal from antenna to booster.

• Truly global cellular coverage.- One antenna suits all of the following systems: GSM 900, GSM 1800 (DCS 1800, PCN 1800), GSM 1900, AMPS, TDMA, CDMA 800, DECT, PCS 1900, (CDMA1900)
• Superb performance – approaches a quarter wave antenna and easily out-performs external mounted glass mount antennas. Patented mixed polarity design.
• Reduce inventories – one antenna suits all systems and can be shipped globally
• Completely internal – no impact on prestige vehicles, no threat of vandalism, no car wash damage and simplified installation
• Supplied ready to go with peel and stick mounting and pre-terminated, fully shielded low loss coaxial cable


Band 806 - 960MHz / 1710 - 1990MHz
Tunable Bandwidth Entire specified band @ <2.0:1VSWR
Nominal Gain dBi 2.5 @ 806 - 960MHz / 4 @ 1710 - 1990MHz
Tuning Supplied pre-tuned
Power W 10
Cable and Connector 5.0m 9014 low loss, fully shielded cable terminated with SMA male (antenna end) and FME nipple (adapters available).
VSWR <2.0:1
Height mm 16
Width mm 80
Length mm 80
Termination SMA Female

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