Bury Powercharge Qi Cradle & System 8/9 Powermount Adapter - Universal Cradle with Wireless Charging



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If you already have a Bury System 9 baseplate or System 8 docking station in your vehicle, this bundle is an easy way to adapt your existing System to Qi Wireless charging.   

Scope of supply:

  • POWERCHARGE Qi Cradle Only
  • POWERMOUNT Sys8/Sys9 Adapter
  • Charging cable (micro-USB)
  • Operating manual   


  • Wireless charging – convenient and easy charging of smartphone in holder
  • Securely held – the optimized three point holding system keeps the smartphone safe and fixed
  • Integrated USB connection – direct charging cable included for smartphones not supporting Qi charging
  • Status display – indicates current operation / charging mode
  • 12 Volt 
  • Connects to your existing System 8 Docking station or System 9 Baseplate.

This Powercharge Qi cradle is connected to power via a Powermount adapter which enables quick connection to any existing Bury System 8 docking station or System 9 Base Plate. 

Bury Powercharge Qi universal cradle is Qi wireless charging compatible with the Apple iPhone 14 range | 13 range |12 | Xs MAX | Xs | X | Xs | 8 | 8Plus, Samsung Galaxy S22 | S21 | S21-5G | S21+ | S21+ 5G | S20 | S20-5G | S20+ | S20+ 5G | S10 | S10+ | S10e | S9 | S8 | S8 Plus and many other brands and models.

A micro-usb charging cable is included with the cradle as standard. Optional charging adapters are available to purchase for Apple iPhone (Lightning) and USB-C for Samsung and other brands of mobile phones. 


Note1: Bury Powercharge Qi cradle does not support antenna connection    

Note2: Bury Powercharge Qi cradle with PowerMount adapter on System 8 does not support Bluetooth handsfree function on System 8

Pre-requisite: Requires existing Bury System 9 Baseplate or System 8 Docking Station


The Bury Powerkit cradle needs to be adjusted to set the wireless charging to the optimum position.

The Bury Powerkit cradle needs to be adjusted to set the wireless charging to the optimum position.

See the below pic. of how to adjust the cradle to suit your particular phone model.




    Is my device compatible with Qi Wireless Charging...check here


Powercharge Qi Universal Cradle


S8/S9 Powermount Adapter


This cradle requires connection to power via a Bury System 8/System 9 base plate


See the video of the Bury PowerKit Qi here...




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