RFI XG884 X-glass™ Cellular Multiband Antenna 824-960MHz / 1710-2170MHz


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RFI XG884 - X-glass™ Cellular Multiband 824-960MHz/1710-2170MHz

The XG884 utilises a slot radiator in the coupling box, with a patch element housed in the mounting foot. The patch element is x-shaped to allow the coupling of multiple bands very effectively. The whip element is fully moulded with dual phasing coils, the result being an antenna that provides abundant gain in all bands.

Featuring a new-look mounting foot and coupling box, XG884 is supplied complete with a pre-terminated lead of low loss, fully shielded coaxial cable.

Notes: In order to boost radio signal the following components are required:  Antenna, antenna mount, booster and cable.  The antenna and booster must operate in the frequency band of the signal. Signal cable feeds signal from antenna to booster.

• True multi band performance at 3G850, GSM900/1800 and 3G2100
• Fully shielded low loss FME pre-terminated cable with A-87 (FME-MPL) adaptor supplied
• Available with additional adaptors on request
XG884 supplied with 3dB gain whip & Unity gain stubby whip


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Band 824-960MHz / 1710-2170MHz
Tunable Bandwidth Entire specified band <2.5:1MHz
Nominal Gain dBi 0 or 3 depending on whip used
Tuning Supplied pre-tuned
Power W 50
Cable and Connector Pre-terminated lead with 5m flexible foam dielectric low loss fully shielded cable pre-terminated with FME nipple connector for transceiver connector and SMA male to suit coupling box. A-87 FME-MPL adaptor supplied.
Whip Material One piece black chrome plated stainless steel with plastic over moulding
Whip Length mm 155 (0dB) / 352 (3dB)
VSWR <2.5:1


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