Strike Alfa 5-Pack Desktop Charging Dock



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Introducing the Strike 5-Pack Desktop Charging Dock has been designed for users with multiple devices. Hold charge & protect your smartphones tablets or iPads with this Multiple Charging Dock from Strike! Wide range of Alpha Cradles to choose from. Packaged for an easy DIY solution.


  • Supports any Strike Alpha Cradle
  • Sturdy and highly flexible design
  • Can support multiple devices simultaneously
  • Added safety - It can be charged using 12/24 volt charging with voltage spike protection.
  • The antenna is primarily updated for Australian networks including Telstra Next G and all 4G.
  • 3-year unlimited KM warranty.
  • Patented design for Strike.
  • Package Contents:

  • 1 x front base
  • 1 x back base
  • 5 x dock
  • 3m dots
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