PolarPro 6-Filter Pack for Phantom 4 & 3



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  • PolarPro 6-Filter Pack for Phantom 4 & 3
  • PolarPro 6-Filter Pack for Phantom 4 & 3
  • PolarPro 6-Filter Pack for Phantom 4 & 3

The new PolarPro 6-Filter Pack for Phantom 3 & 4 includes the 6 essential filters to maximize the quality of your aerial imagery. 

The new ultra-light, high definition glass allows you to capture razor sharp footage, and it's lightweight enough to keep your gimbal operating smoothly. Each filter weighs between 3.4g and 5.3g. Your stock UV filter weighs 3g, so the increase is negligible when you remove the stock filter. 

Just unscrew the UV filter from the camera. The PolarPro filters are constructed from lightweight aluminum and thread onto the Phantom 3 or 4 camera for easy installation and removal, and your lens element remains protected. (Does not fit Phantom 4 Pro or Phantom 3 Standard) 

Compared to the 3-filter set, this set ditches the 2-stop ND and adds 4-stop and 5-stop NDs, as well as a couple of very useful combined ND/Polarisers.

Included filters are: 

Polariser Filter (CP) (4.64g): 

The Circular Polariser Filter reduces the large amount of glare bouncing off the ground and water when filming from the air. It's designed to increase colour saturation, detail and contrast, leaving you with sharp, crisp footage.
Colour saturation is increased by reducing light reflection, leaving more accurate colours in any brightly lit scene. The improvement on bright days is dramatic - videos and photos will display beautiful vibrant colours.
It also works as a light ND filter, with a rating of 1.6 stops, so it will slow down the camera's shutter speed, resulting in less possibility of Jello effect.

3-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND8) (4.06g): 

The 3-stop ND Filter is designed for filming in bright conditions and giving you more control over shutter speed. It's ideal for shooting over snow or bright water scenes, and adding sufficient motion blur to blur the propellers when they're in frame. It also reduces lens flare while shooting into the sun.

4-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND16) (3.85g):

The 4-stop ND filter is used on brighter days, where we need to knock the shutter down by 4 stops to achieve a shutter speed of 1/100-1/150th. This filter will curb nearly all jello caused by the high vibrations of the Phantom 3 motors. 

5-Stop Neutral Density Filter (ND32) (3.47g):

The 5-Stop ND filter is used on extremely bright days. This filter is designed to take down the Phantom's shutter speed by 5 stops. This is a very dark filter so it should only be used where there is enough available light to reduce. We use this when shooting in the desert or over snow on very bright days. 

Combined 3-Stop ND/Polariser (ND8/PL) (4.54g):

The ND8/PL is a versatile filter, which reduces the cameras shutter speed by 3 stops while also providing polarisation. Perfect for conditions that are too bright for the CP filter, the ND8/PL allows you to reduce the shutter speed 3 stops while also capturing beautifully saturated colours. 

Combined 4-Stop ND/Polariser (ND16/PL) (5.36g):

The ND16/PL provides 4 stops of shutter speed reduction while also providing polarisation. This is our go-to filter for sunny days where we want to capture saturated colours and improve contrast.

Each 6-pack also contains 6 x microfibre bags for safe storage of each filter.

If you're aiming to capture the highest quality Phantom 3 or Phantom 4 video or stills, this filter pack is for you. 

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