Blackhawk Wall Mount 698-4000MHz 5-7dBi Panel Antenna -150dBc PIM



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Now 5G ready!

The Blackhawk Indoor Wall Mount Antenna is designed to operate with all mobile carriers in mind regardless of what frequency they operate on.

Offering a 7dB gain this antenna is suitable as an indoor antenna or panel antenna that can be mounted on a wall for repeater applications.

  • Provides a 5dbi gain for 698-960 MHz
  • Provides a 7dbi gain for 1710-4000 MHz
Connector N | 4.3-10 DIN Female
Dimensions 180x158x60 mm
Weight 0.4kg
Reflector Material Aluminium
Radome Material ABS (UV Stabilized)
Operating Temperature  -40°C to + 65°C


Frequency Range MHz 698-806 806-960 1960-2700 3300-4000
Gain dBi 5.0 6.0 8.0 7.0
VSWR ≤2.0 ≤2.0 ≤1.7 ≤1.7
Polarization Vertical
PIM 3rd Order 2x20W ≤-150 dBc
Front to Back Ratio ≥8 dB ≥9 dB ≥14 dB ≥10 dB
Horizontal Beam-width 92° 90° 65° 55°
Vertical Beam-width 73° 68° 60° 35°
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Max. Input Power 50 W
Lightening Protection DC Ground

Weight 0.4 kg

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