QUBINO z-Wave Temperature Sensor



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Digital Temperature sensor has 1m cable with connector to connect directly to Qubino modules.

Digital temperature sensor range is between -50 and 125°C.

Supported switches and dimmers

Quibino brand


Product Details

• Compatible with any Qubino module
• Dimensions 1m
• Digital temperature sensor range (sensor must be ordered separately) -50 ~ 125°C
Product Support

Integration with Z-Wave controllers

Works with Zipato, Vera 3, Lite, NETIC.

Doesn't  work with Fibaro yet.

Videos / YouTube:  Quibino double switch


  Technical Specifications

Product Name 
 Temperature sensor
Powered by
Operation Range
Power Consumption
Operation temperature
Measured temperature range 0,5o C (within 0o C - 40o C range) (optional sensor)
Temperature measuring accuracy
0,5 C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
1 m









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