RFi MK-900 Heavy Duty Antenna Magnetic Base with Suction Mount



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RFi MK-900 Heavy Duty Magnetic Base with Suction Mount

The MK-900 magnetic base provides a strong and robust portable mounting solution for a variety of RFI mobile antennas


It is suitable for external vehicle use or internal mounting and suits all RFI 16mm stub mounting style antennas or most mobile mounting bases. The MK-900 performance is enhanced with a super strong magnet and additional suction cup style which also reduces damage to the vehicles paint work.

Apart from use on the roof or bonnet of a vehicle these can be adapted for use on filing cabinets or any flat surface for quick roll out situations.

This base comes supplied with 3 two piece cable grommets (2.7mm 4.9mm and 7mm) which will seal and provide strain relief for the exiting RF cable.

The MK-900’s 16mm mounting hole provides mounting to a wide range of RFI Mopole ® antennas RFI UHF range of antennas CD50/51 and CD90 as well as our cellular range of CD1225 CD1250 and CD1625. In addition the MK-900 can also be installed with a range of RFI mobile base mounts including MB10 MB14 and MBC.

Packaging Retail Bag with Base 3 x two piece grommets and earthing lug (not pictured)

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