RFXtrx433e USB 433.92 MHz Transceiver



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The RFXrtx433E USB transceiver enables you to control 433MHz-based devices from your computer or from a Z-Wave controller such as the Vera3 or Vera Lite. It supports a huge number of 433MHz-based products, including the LightwaveRF devices as well as Oregon Scientific, HomeEasy, Somfy...

The RFXrtx433E interfaces with a wide range of home automation software, including Domoticz, Homeseer, Indigo, Xtension, and hardware controllers such as the Vera3 and Vera Lite.

RFXtrx433E - Extended capabilities

This is the RFXtrx433E (Extended version) that replaces the previous RFXtrx433. It includes a hardware extension and additional firmware to enable it to support Somfy wireless blinds (RTS). The extedned functionality is already supported in Domoticzt, Homeseer and the VERA RFX plugin.

Wireless Technology

  • 433.92MHz

USB Interface

  • USB 2.0


  • via USB


  • 160 x 110 x 45 mm


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